Dear students,

Welcome to Mantram Teachers Training College.

The main objective of the Institute is to improve the present standard of teacher education for this special emphasis has been laid upon practical training along with theory, value inculcation and moral education. The teachers of tomorrow are made acquainted with teaching methods and skill formation. The Institute has taken the responsibility of preparing technically sound teachers in the age of globalization. Thus the knowledge related to information technology, technical skill, the global outlook is imparted as per state of art.

For developing the wholesome personality of a teacher with professional skills, efforts have been made to prepare teachers to be punctual, alert, focus oriented and having the scientific temperament. The creativity of the teacher-pupil has been enhanced so that the teacher may be innovative. The object-oriented goal is to prepare teachers of the future not only at the national level but also in the international arena.

I am especially thankful of Chairman Shri Naresh Singhvi whose tireless efforts and able guidance have given a new identity of the Institute. I am thankful to all staff members of Mantram Teacher’s Training College.

Dr. Pankaj Pareek